for New York City homeowners

Call 646-820-1301 or complete our intake form below.  Our solar associate will reach out to you within 5 business days.

    Get up to $6,000 in
    solar cash assistance

    What is Barrio Solar?

    Barrio Solar is a program to make solar power affordable for homeowners throughout Brooklyn.  Barrio Solar lowers
    the upfront costs, reduces homeowners’electricity costs, and combats climate change.

    Barrio Solar is a collaboration between non-profits Fifth Avenue Committee, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and
    Solar One with generous support from Enterprise Community Partners.

    Who can participate in Barrio Solar?

    If you own a 1-to-4 family house in Brooklyn, you can join Barrio Solar!  Call 646-820-1301 or use our form above to request more information.

    What can Barrio Solar do for you?

    1. Show you whether solar panels are feasible for your roof
    2. Give an estimate of your monthly electricity savings
    3. Provide discounted solar installations through our buyers’ club
    4. Give up to $6,000 solar down payment assistance for eligible homeowners
    5. Help weigh the pros and cons of switching to solar.

    Is there an income limit to join Barrio Solar?

    There is no income limit!

    Barrio Solar is open to any homeowner with a 1-to-4 family house in Brooklyn.  All homeowners can benefit from our advice and support and the discounts available through our solar buyers’ club.

    Who is eligible for the Barrio Solar down payment assistance?

    The additional Barrio Solar subsidy is available to homeowner households earning up to 120% of the Area Median Income, with priority given to homeowners earning no more than 80%.


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